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    Wolfenstein Kar98k with scope and silencer.


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    MP43 and upgrades from Wolfesntein 2009, Will post a gameplay video soon.


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    Gameplay video on the latest ported weapons; https://www.bitchute.com/video/SKkpN27GXrK8/

    And some MP40 screenshots:


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    Medal of honor airborne springfield sniper, another model extracted by someone at p3dm.ru
    I don't remember seeing this version of the scope so I believe its probably cut content that the author included.

    I still have the original scope model so if you preffer that one post a quick reply.

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    idk how I missed your last several posts in here but that wolfenstien MP40 is pretty bad ass looking.

    I always thought it would be neat to have a whole set of silenced weapons.
    A few years back I saw a server with silenced tompson.. maybe it was the colt 45....done serverside through the torso file somehow I guess is the way I took it.

    He ended up in the military for awhile and never sent me the how too's for his countdown server.

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    I also once played in a spearhead server that added the silencer of the HS to the springfield once you had enough kills.

    I hate it when someone disapears or stops modding and does not share the unfinnished work. Even if unfinnished it has usefull content that other people could use.
    The biggest offender that comes to mind is the 'crazy server mods' by eatmeifyoudare from a few years back. In that server you had a ton of neat and wierd stuff that was all server side. It even had a script that creaded a ingame menu where you could select what mod you wanted to play on the next map.

    I don't know scripting so I simply add the attachments to the weapon and make it as a seperated 3d model.
    Now imagine the ingame menu script that I mentioned but for weapon upgrades, similar to Soldier of Fortune 2 or SoF: Payback...that would be sick.
    I wouldn't mind teaming up with someone that knows scripting to create such a sistem had eatmeifyoudare shared the files before disapearing and someone else picked them up.
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    Medal of Honor Airborne Colt 45 with silencer


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