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    Finished model, wraped and silenced versions comming soon


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    Wraped and silenced version.


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    Reskinned Pacific assault sniper with gloss mod


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    New Walter pistol model in progress


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    Hey guys, I managed to get my hands on some models that I have been dreaming for years. I have player models, weapon models, textures and sound files from the game Wolfenstein (2009).

    The models were ripped by a user named BUTTHE4D from the site https://p3dm.ru

    Here is the 1st weapon fully converted, the Kar98:



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    different pose and comparison to the original game:


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    I need help, for some reason in lightray 3d when you go to edit the UV map it doesn't allow to select the texture map even after loading a texture(jpg image) into de material.

    Are there any settings I'm forgetting to aply?

    How do other modders do it with Lightray 3D?

    For the past few years I have been loading the Black/white UV map from the completed model and after that I create the texture for the model.
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