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Thread: Introduction

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    Dang mate. What a screw-around.
    I am so sorry this shit has happened to you.
    I am also running Win 7 (64 bit) and I'm not having any issues since changing the installer program.

    Glad to hear that you have it running now.

    I hope that you find it useful and efficient.
    Don't forget there is an updated compile console on the download page too.
    No installation required, just extract it to the same directory.

    Happy mapping.

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    Unfortunately I have just found that Map Mate requires more work in the Spearhead side of things for the compiler.
    Something I wasn't aware of until a few days ago when I installed MOH War Chest and started editing with the SH Radiant.
    The other night I started the required fixes to accommodate Spearhead better but I haven't had the time lately to properly go through it all and release the update.

    The sooner I am aware of these issues the sooner they will be addressed.
    Please don't hesitate to let me know if anything isn't doing what its supposed to.
    Don't forget to include your manners and / or a keg of beer.

    Thank you.

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    So is mapmate and script/pk3 tools still being actively developed? I have a scenario that is going to take me out of my comfort zone (scripting) and in to map editing. Is mapmate well usable enough that I shouldn’t need to load up mohradiant?

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    No sorry, Map Mate has been put on the back burner for a while.
    Installer programs failed to install the required dependency files for quite some time so what little feedback I received from testers (and not knowing that the installer was failing) had me changing many parts of the code ... for the worst.
    As I'm primary an Allied Assault mapper, not enough testing was done for Spearhead and it got messy real fast.

    It still works well for AA and I still use it every day but I do need to go back a ways to an earlier version before so many changes were made which turned out to be unnecessary changes anyway.
    I would like to break it down into separate versions, one version dedicated to AA and another version for SH.

    I am currently tutoring a young gent who is new to mapping and he is using Map Mate without incident.
    You will still require MOH Radiant.

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    By all means, I recommend installing it and using it!
    Honestly, for me it was more of a pain to get the spearhead-sdk running.

    The script tool itself is hard for me to understand I think I didn't use it enough, but may be just right for you.

    There are a great many tools in there even for server admins.... one of which will write a map config for you just by selecting the maps as well as other things.

    As far as the dependencies go, I found a great many of them, but I'm not using windows anymore and what was needed is more feedback from a windows user,
    and would help if the windows user was doing Spearhead.

    This winter was to be my time to map but have started a new job that forces me to painfully regret staying up past a certain time.
    I'll get there again though at some point as I have alot of unfinished maps.

    By all means use it and report any questions or issues.

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    Thanks Major_A.
    I have only just replied to an email Shadow sent mentioning a lot of the Map Mate utilities.
    I think the original code used in each utility was the way to go but a series of unfortunate events and the timing of those events conflicted with the development.
    I was trying new installers at the same time you were changing to Linux. So we weren't sure what was causing the errors.
    Not thinking that it was the installer failing to do its job, I tried many alternative methods of coding which were sub-standard compared to the original code. Although given a flawless installer all utilities should still work.

    As I said in my email reply to Shadow, I need to go back a few versions and keep it at the original coding used at that time, then use the ugly default VB6 setup to ensure that all dependency files are installed.
    Its far better to have an ugly setup than a non functioning program.
    This would also include the custom sky textures downloader which would cut a huge amount off the initial Map Mate download.

    Crossing back and forth between Allied Assault and Spearhead screwed things up so I might need to make two separate version totally dedicated to each game.

    As for the shader utility, I can't see how it can be any simpler. lol Although you are a Spearhead mapper and I map for Allied Assault.
    I think your map folder structure had a lot to do with it.
    Simply point Shader Mate to your map directory and it loads the custom texture filenames into a list. Select your desired texture from the list then select the surface type from the surface type combo box and it writes the shader for you.
    I may even make a tutorial video on how easy it is to use.

    From the get-go we've called it a beta when in reality it was an alpha (pre-beta).
    The difference meant that as an open beta a lot of people downloaded it but never returned any feedback. I needed that feedback from many sources to help pin-point issues earlier.
    Oh well, shit happens. lol

    This sudden interest may push me into finishing the project as I am still keen to map but I must admit I have been looking at new war themed First Person Shooters for 2018 that have 4 square kilometers of usable map space, which is very tempting to a mapper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AccadaccA View Post
    As for the shader utility, I can't see how it can be any simpler. lol Although you are a Spearhead mapper and I map for Allied Assault.
    I think your map folder structure had a lot to do with it.
    I think that's part of my problem, I was over simplifying it and it was looking for certain folders and not necessarily custom folders, but maybe it did that
    as well, but regardless I think I wasn't as focused on it as I should have been.

    I hope there's another version coming as I do look forward to them lol

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    Cheers mate.
    Thanks for your recent renewed interest in Map Mate and suggestions you've made via PMs.
    I do have another obligation to complete first (that could take about a month) but I think its time to revisit the Map Mate project.

    I stand by my word that every aspect of it works as I have continued to use it on a daily basis for the full length of every day.
    The only so-called "bugs" were due to the installer not registering dependency files. I suppose that I could make a batch file to take care of that.

    I will revert back to the original scripting of each Map Mate utility only because I prefer that coding as it was more fluent, shorter and less complicated.
    Plus my original plans of separating Server Mate from Map Mate and only downloading the sky textures the user selects.

    Through continued daily use I have found a couple of minor niggle areas where I could add to the script/code to make the experience even less tedious with even fewer clicks.
    It would be nice to have several active mapper beta testers to test all updates as they're developed so it doesn't fall flat on its face again and we can pin-point any real bug as it initially appears.

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    I am now attempting to install. Running Windows 10 x64. We shall see how it goes...hoping for the best and will provide any and all feedback as I spend wayyyyyyyy too much time in Radiant these days and want to look at something fresher lol

    Edit: Came to this error when installing:

    Going to try my finding the file online like I did a few posts back, but that was for my old system which sits next to me all sad with no monitor for it.. (I'm using a crappy All-In-One PC that barely plays the game lol)
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Ok, I installed all the ocx's demanded, and am attaching them to this post for future users that have an issue.

    As stated before, going to searching, typing cmd, choosing Run As Administrator (Windows 10 has the option right there, no right clicking needed).

    Once the window opens, if on a 64bit system like myself, typing
    cd \windows\SYSWOW64
    and hitting enter takes you to that directory.

    Now these three .OCX files all go in that folder, so when you open the zip file, in another file window, navigate to
    and the files can be drag installed into it. Once they are there, go to the cmd prompt and type the following:

    regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx
    then hit enter, wait a few seconds, should pop up saying successful. Then go back to cmd prompt and enter:

    regsvr32 MSCOMCTL.OCX
    Caps shouldn't matter, I just decided to keep to the file itself and it's caps. Hit enter, wait for success pop up, then once again return to the cmd prompt and enter:

    regsvr32 mscomct2.ocx
    Hit enter, wait for popup.

    After that you should be able to open Map Mate with no issues.

    I typed this after reaching the directories screen, will post future issues if needed.

    Last edited by JollyGG; 11-19-2020 at 05:43 PM. Reason: Forgot to attach them xD
    Map Developer

    ToonyRad - Shotgun Boogie - Death Room - Toony France - Boxed In

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