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Thread: Introduction

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    Although work on the Map Mate project has slowed down while I have been mapping, it has had quite a few upgrades since my last post here.
    The spell taken to do some mapping was a great chance to do some research & development due to the recent lack of input from beta testers.
    I had since found a good reliable installer program and it hasn't failed me at all.
    Everything in Map Mate works the way it should although I might revert back to some of the changes I made to cool features when the installer was failing for others.
    I cut and edited a lot due to that bloody installer. Trying to find answers as to why shit wasn't working for testers.

    If anyone is interested, Map Mate 10.0.14 has been uploaded.

    Some feedback on the current version (good or bad) would make a pleasant change.

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    Administrator Major_A's Avatar
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    I'll check it out next chance I get to see whats new.
    I enjoy the fixes and new functions you come up with.

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    Cheers mate.
    Yeah that bodgey installer not registering the dependency files would have put most people off trying it again but you've known it all to be working at some stage or another prior to you changing to Linux and me changing to that crap installer.

    In all honesty, even if others don't want to use it I will continue to do so. On days that I'm mapping it's the first program I open in the morning and the last thing I close before shut down. It's running now as we speak. lol
    I just find it so convenient and time saving.

    I'd like to go back to the original plan of the automated sky texture downloader / installer with you to see if it works on a Linux system. It would save a bundle in the initial download time & size.
    Adding that was around the same time that I introduced that crappy, so called, program installer which caused everything to go belly-up.

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    Administrator Major_A's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
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    Well, whatever you do, just don't quit the development until your happy with a final version!

    I myself am stuck with summer obligations like paying attention to the wife & yardwork.
    I'm glad Rippa is still doing it! He's got at least 4 new maps in the last month & 2 of them have
    the zipline script in it I forwarded to him and he rigged it so you can shoot while on the zipline!

    TheRippa's Place

    There are so very few mappers left that if a new one would start into mapping they would have
    an excellent mapping assistant to help them with all the functions Map Mate provides!
    Last edited by Major_A; 07-14-2017 at 02:32 AM.

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    Map Mate 10.0.15 upgrade:
    Just a couple of tweaks to Shader Mate.
    * The variables for both "glass (non trans)" and "glass (transparent)' were muddled up.
    * It was also adding "no draw" to the surfaceparms variables of carpet, making the texture invisible in game. Oops. lol

    The "Test Map" addition to the Compile Console has proven to be a very convenient inclusion and well worth the version 1.0.4 upgrade download..
    I have been able to just have Compile Mate running all day without having to switch utilities. With the exception of when I'm adding custom textures.
    My whole mapping session day consists of doing this:
    * Save changes to my map in Radiant then minimize it.
    * Click the "Compile" button of Compile Mate (the map and all settings are already pre-loaded with the Compile Console selected).
    * Although it's printing out the live compile info, I'm given the (optional) thumbs up to alert me of the completion of a successful compile.
    * I close the alert with a click then click on the "Test Map" button of the Compile Console. Which copies the bsp to the "DM" folder and starts the game.
    The entire mapping session is done from Radiant and Compile Mate (including its Compile Console, superior alternative to the Command Console, commonly called the DOS window).

    At one stage I had an error in the compile but was able to pin-point it without having to run another compile with the log files set because the Compile Console is a live feed log file combining all three phases of the compile into one.
    Talk about a time saver. It turns out that I had accidentally dragged the top of my skybox a few units causing a leak.

    Major: I hope you are finished with your yard work so you can experience what I have described. It really couldn't be any easier or more convenient.... well, not without having the source code for Radiant. lol I'd have the whole process done from the one app then.

    Map Mate downloads page

    Happy mapping.

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    Map Mate 10.0.16 update

    Tool Mate

    * Made the program shortcut links check for previous instance before running the selected app.
    It tells you if the selected process is already running or not then gives you the option to cancel or run another instance of the selected process.
    A couple of times I have accidentally clicked the Radiant shortcut link while Radiant was already running (minimized) and I've done the same with the MOHAA link too.
    These two in particular take forever to load when ran inadvertently and all you want to do is close the app as quick as possible. lol

    * Re-ordered the shortcut editor page to be on top of the list of folder links.

    Compile Mate
    * Made it write the compile options for the Compile Console to be able to display them when it starts.
    Just a double-check confirmation that you have the desired compile options selected.

    Shader Mate

    * Found and fixed a bit more (incorrect parameters).


    Console 1.0.5

    * Added the visualization of the compile options (3 phases).
    As mentioned in the "Compile Mate" update.
    As it already mentions the currently selected map name I thought why not list the currently selected compile options too.

    * Added a CPU Usage monitor to display the percentage of CPU being used during compiles.
    For whatever reason, this differs from the rainmaker display. However it will give the user confirmation that the compile process is still running whenever the output display is slow.

    The Console 1.0.5 is included in the Map Mate 10.0.16 upgrade zip file.

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    Administrator Major_A's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Huntington, IN USA
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    OH nICE update.
    I'll check it out this weekend!

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    Thanks for your feedback PM, Major.
    I'm glad to hear that almost everything works for you on a Linux system.

    My bad about the Compile Console error. Because I added the CPU usage display I should have added the required "pdh.dll" dependency file for that function in an installer. Sorry.

    I've tweaked things in Check Mate as it fails to properly close the map stats when you go from one function to another during testing.

    I'm currently fighting with the ol' grey matter to remember how to use the installer. lol
    After a few attempts I finally got it working although it produced a 10MB output file where as the last setup (version 10.0.14) was 88MB. So I've gotta see what's going on with that.
    I uninstalled Map Mate and installed the new 10MB setup only to find something minor not quite right so I'm recompiling the program again with that fix. It takes forever and a day.
    Everything else appears to be working with this install but that size difference worries me.
    I'm think the dependency files may not be included but it needs to be tested on another system as this one obviously has all of the dependency files installed.

    I'll post again when I've uploaded.

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    Okay Map Mate 10.0.17 installer is uploaded and should contain the required pdh.dll for the CPU usage display, if it has any dependency files at all that is. lol

    Nah, just kidding. The size issue was me again, comparing two files in separate folders but reading KBs x 1,000 in one and actual MBs in the other.

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    Thank you to rookie mapper ShadowTwl for reporting a "713" error and providing a screenshot of it.
    This error means that the required DLL file wasn't registered by his operating system.
    I emailed him the cure and it has solved the issue so I thought to post it here as well in case others experience the same error.

    The cure:
    In the start menu type 'cmd.exe' and then right click the 'cmd.exe' entry and 'Run as Administrator'.
    It will show the command prompt at C:\Windows\System32.
    Type the following : regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll
    Be sure to have the space between the regsvr32 and the file name.
    And hit Enter

    If you don't succeed then it may be that the file might be 32 bit and your system is run at 64 bit.
    The procedure is the same except that you will need to be in the "sysWOW64" folder.

    To change to the sysWOW64 folder do the following:
    Start the 'cmd.exe' as mentioned above and 'Run as Administrator'
    Type the following : cd \windows\syswow64
    Hit enter then type the following: regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll
    And hit Enter again.

    Of course these suggested fixes are for registering the "msstdfmt.dll" file. If you have a similar problem but its a different file simply replace the "msstdfmt.dll" part of these instructions with the name of the file you need to register.

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