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Thread: Introduction

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    Sorry guys, I misunderstood the examples given for the urls in Hash Mate.
    I hope to resolve this today as well as making Hash Mate detect the difference between maps and mods.

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    Just a heads up.
    In case you're wondering why things are quiet I just want to let you know that the project is still ongoing.
    I started a temp job last Thursday which is a two hours drive each way so I don't really have the energy or mindset for programming by the time I get home.

    I have however, resolved the hash logging issue and added yet another utility for server admins.... before I started the job.
    I removed the hash logger from Hash Mate making it strictly for offline use. For the general mapper or website admin.
    Server Mate has the fully functioning hash logger, server configuration creator, map rotation creator and DM flag calculator.

    I have also done some work on it over the weekend and now have a working syntax highlighter (colour changing text) for the script editor.
    It's great to have finally made a start on that. Next weekend I'll try to add a line numbering column down the left hand side and perhaps make a start on the predefined lines.

    I'm still awaiting feedback on what has already been released as a beta.

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    Administrator Major_A's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Huntington, IN USA
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    I really can't keep quiet at this point and have to say how excited I am to have a talented mapper and programmer, all in one to come forward and build us some new tools from scratch!!!

    It's not only a pleasure but a privilege for someone as dedicated as
    AccadaccA to build us some really cool stuff, consolidating and upgrading some of the much needed tools we always
    wish we had!

    While I can't spoil what is coming soon, it's
    VERY important that the Texture Ninja's like Rippa, to please give your input on Texture Mate & Sky Mate.

    Please be aware I'm not singleing you Rippa, I'm flat out saying I can't test everything to it's fullest potential and some of that is because it takes me longer with custom textures
    because I don't do them on a regular basis.
    ....Because of Map Mate, I actually started 3 new maps and damn near had them finished "Two tested online" except the last one due to hardware issues.

    Some of you may not be aware I recently went through an OS change and no longer use Windows and I'm trying to get to a point where I can do a post on MOH using Arch Linux - Antergos,
    I'm still not there yet, but I can tell you that MOH functions under WINE 2.0 the EXACT same way it works under windows.

    My underlying fear is I may be missing something simple with Map Mate if there is a problem I cannot catch now.
    My only advantage is I actually had the chance to install it under both windows and linux before my hd crash and change over.

    My head hurts & and I may have slipped and fell on my pancreas exempting me online play of an Underwater Basket Weaving Competition, but
    in closing, upcoming releases of
    Map Mate should be watched closely by not only mappers, but server admins as well because there some cool tools coming....BaZiNGaa!

    Please ask questions on "how to" or "if it will" otherwise, no-one will know!
    Last edited by Major_A; 03-27-2017 at 06:31 AM.

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    Cheers mate. Do you accept PayPal? lol

    I hope your OS transformation works out for you soon.

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    Sorry for not keeping this thread up to date.
    Besides working my arse off to make this massive program I haven't received feedback from anyone outside of the private messages from Shadow and Major_A.

    We are well into version 8 now, to be exact.
    The guys have been brain storming and cracking the whip for me to work harder and faster. lol
    It's okay, I'll sleep when I'm dead.

    I have made a webpage for the latest Map Mate updates. It contains a bit of info and download links.

    Map Mate webpage

    Anyone is welcome to beta test although it is preferred that you have some mapping experience to get a better idea of what everything does and the ability to use every utility (having map folders with map, bsp, shader, textures, etc).

    Server admins may also like to test the Server Mate utility that comes with Map Mate.
    It includes the following...
    * Server Configuration Creator for basic, advanced and Reborn server configs. All options are included with default / preferred settings already entered in the text fields. All you need do is add your personal server details (4 or 5 text fields) and click the go button. Of course you can change the parameter of any variable you desire.

    * Client Configuration Creator: for your "unnamedsoldier.cfg", with ALL possible bind and CVARs supplied with default / preferred settings already entered in the text fields. You can change the parameter of any variable you desire.

    * Map Rotation Creator: simply select the pk3 or zip files and it lists all of the maps contained in the archive. Drag maps up or down the list to change the order of rotation. It then writes the rotation in the correct format. This is also accessible via the Server Configuration Creator too. Making it a seamless process.

    * Hash Logger: can also read bsp files from inside pk3 or zips, automatically adding the alias, md5 and url. It will also decipher mods from maps and write it all in the correct format.

    * DM Flag Calculator: simply select which variables you wish to include and it writes the calculated output. This is also accessible via the Server Configuration Creator too. Making this a seamless process too.

    Please report any bugs you find, here.

    Thank you.
    Rob, AccadaccA
    Last edited by AccadaccA; 04-24-2017 at 04:17 AM.

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    D'oh! Sorry folks, after all of the frig around sorting out the sky textures I have just found a few errors.

    Skies errors: ("Map Mate\skies\gallery" folder)
    endor_sky_dn.jpg was written with two underscores together "endor_sky__dn.jpg". Requires renaming. But is included in "skies fix".
    scsky1b_up.jpg found in the "gallery" folder does not belong there. Requires deleting.

    Gallery folder is missing the following ...
    first_bk, first_dn, first_lf, first_rt.... requires "skies fix"
    intheclouds_bk, intheclouds_dn, intheclouds_lf, intheclouds_rt.... requires "skies fix"
    "city" doesn't have a "dn" texture so I made it by copying "city_up" to gallery folder and rename it to "city_dn" (It was plain black anyway). It is included in "skies fix".

    I have uploaded a "skies fix" on the webpage.
    Once downloaded please direct the installer to your "Map Mate\skies" folder.

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    Administrator Major_A's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Huntington, IN USA
    Blog Entries
    I've got to say I'm really impressed of all your work with this!

    It's running top notch for me in linux!

    I like your software box on your
    webpage , it matches the background lol

    The maplist writer for server admins is a Godsend!
    Without distractions it would take me 15 minutes to write a maplist config, and still have a f'ing typo.

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    Update (full installer)
    Enabled the Client Configuration to load a config setup on start. I had disabled it to work on it but forgot to enable it afterwards.
    It has much better impact when it loads with all of the active bind keys lit up.
    Also remade the installer to include all of the sky textures.

    This is for anyone without Map Mate 8.7 installed.

    Update (replacement Map Mate.exe file)
    Just messing around with the idea of background images in the CVARs of the Client Configuration Creator.
    They can be turned on or off by checkbox.
    I did initially think to put images on the key bind tabs but there wasn't the room to do it to all of them.

    Major: Glad to hear that it's working for you on that penguin poop OS of yours. lol

    Yeah, with the Server Mate config creators there's no chance of typos and the map rotation should probably take a minute, if that.
    Yes, the box art that you made looks freakin' awesome!
    Last edited by AccadaccA; 04-24-2017 at 11:46 PM.

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    Addressed a couple of bugs in the Client Config Creator.
    Disabled the user's keyboard from setting off the bind warning when binding in the "Extra" fields.
    Completely redone the CVARs.
    Made it write to data and file when "Save" is clicked.

    Just a side note: The virtual keyboard "Save" key will save only the bindings (without CVARs).
    This was a deliberate decision to give the user freedom of choice.
    The "Save" button in the CVARs tab (appears after the "Create" button is clicked) will save the entire lot. Key bindings and CVAR's.

    Map Mate downloads

    We've got some cool features in store for the next upgrade.

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    Can you create themes on the program?

    Because i dont like colors on the program...

    I like the program simple and readable

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