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Thread: Introduction

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    Thanks for setting up this forum, Shadow.

    Welcome to the project guys. Major_A and Shadow have been kind enough to test and give suggestions throughout the course of this build and we're rapidly approaching the pointy end of the stick.

    I guess I'll have to boast a little to sell it to you. lol So here goes.
    Map Mate is an editing tool like no other.
    So far it has nine utilities devoted to editing MOH maps and scripts as quick and effortless as possible.
    I currently have plans on the back burner to include even more to it thanks to suggestions from Major.

    Everything is designed around "user friendly" ease-of-use. Not only does it record all user-made settings loading them from one utility to the next upon load, but most of it boasts a "one-click process".
    For example: it will create your entire map directory with sub folders simply by your selected map's name and one click of a button.
    It will write your shader file simply by the user selecting the surface type of each texture listed. The user can also include or remove variables simply by clicking them.
    I intend to follow suit with the script editor having templates and one-click variable inclusions.

    It has a compiler that has more features than MBuilder and MOHpile combined.
    Understandably so as it was made some 15 years later. No big feat there except that it features an error scanner and an error database that is still a work in progress, but we'll get there.
    I have also made an alternative to the DOS console listing the compile process (LIVE as it happens) into a text box which enables the user to view, scroll from start to end at their leisure and decide whether or not to save the log AFTER the compile has completed. Plus it only closes when the user decides to close it, unlike the DOS console.
    This is very buggy at the moment. It picks when it want to perform but when it does it's spectacular. I need to iron out the bugs because it really is a "must have" inclusion.
    The compiler also runs in stealth mode and has two individual user-defined alerts when the compile has erred or completed successfully. The alerts can be visual, audio or both.

    We've also included a hash file generator thanks to Major's suggestion and explanation as to what a bloody hash file number is. lol
    I have written a pk3 creator that requires further testing on a system without Winzip installed when I have time.
    Thanks to Shadow's awesome efforts, he has compiled a list of 180+ custom sky textures which I've built a utility around to sort and view these sky textures by category.
    I'm currently making it so the user selects the texture they want for their map and "Sky Mate" writes the shader for that sky texture with references to their map name. I have asked for web space so I can also have it download and install the requested sky's textures for the user too.

    This is just an example of the level of commitment and quality standard we've been operating on.
    My theory is, a game only survives on how easy it is to edit. The easier it is to edit the more people there are make mods, the more people there are making mods the more variety we have, the more variety there is the longer the interest remains in the game.
    You can re-package an old game with extra bells and whistles but it won't last more than a few months unless it's easily edited.

    Sorry for being so long-winded trying to explain this nine-in-one editing tool but we haven't even touched the surface as to what Map Mate does.

    I will eventually package it using an installer when I find one that doesn't expire after 30 days and I'm 100% sure it includes the required dependency files.
    But for now...

    Unzip the Map Mate directory to anywhere you like.
    Unzip and run the Map Mate setup. Be sure to point it to the Map Mate directory.

    Thanks again for participating.

    Just a heads-up. The pk3 creator "PacMate" hasn't fully been implemented yet and neither has the script editor, "Script Mate".
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    Ok this looks very cool !! many thanks for your effort on this - if you guys need anything let me know

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    Cheers mate.

    Now that you've mentioned it, there is something. lol
    I wrote you a message in the MOHAAAA home page message system requesting a folder to host upgrades and add-ons for the app after it's released.
    As I said in the message, I don't need to know any FTP address or password as I can upload to Dropbox and send the link to either you or Shadow to then upload the contents of that to the hosted folder.

    Map Mate

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    Dang. I am so close with PacMate, compressing the whole map directory into a pk3 file without Winzip or any other archive app installed, its not funny.
    Well actually I do have it working and it even compresses the pk3 better than Winzip or WinRar. But there is one problem, it includes the map directory as well instead of just its sub folders and files.
    If I remove the reference to the map directory in the coding it doesn't work at all, returning an error message saying that it has nothing to pack.

    I've been at this all day, trying everything that I can think of to get around this problem and I'm so close I can taste it. lol
    Does anyone know of a programmer whom is familiar with VB6? ... besides myself.

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    Okay problem solved by using an alternative zip method. Not as good as what I originally had but thems the breaks.

    Map Mate 5 Includes PacMate functionality. I need to go back through the existing options and make sure they work again since adding new code effects the previous coding.

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    Desperately seeking beta testers with map making experience.

    If you are able to read this I gather you are either staff or someone thought that you might be able to help beta test.
    Unfortunately I don't know many people around here and I can't log into Mod Theater again.

    I'm afraid I have lost all momentum due to the man hours involved already and my current beta testers not having the time, interest or means to test and give feedback on upgrades to the program since January.
    I don't mean to sound callous, the guys have been great, it's just that life does get in the way with priorities such as spouse, kids, family, work, computer issues and other commitments before hobby related activities.
    Up until now we were communicating via group private messaging. But I feel I am flooding their email inboxes with message notifications, most of which have gone unanswered lately. Sorry guys.

    The novelty may have understandably worn off too. Although I have been constantly at it (this time around) since mid 2016 the guys have joined me since December with bug reports, suggestions, contributions and inspiration.
    I say "this time around" as I have made a very similar program for MOH about a decade ago but without beta testers I simply got bored with it and moved onto other things.

    It would be a shame to walk away from it all again.

    I need dedicated people who basically don't have a life. lol Like me.
    People who are willing to spare at least a few minutes each day testing the development, offering suggestions, bug reporting and to give FEEDBACK on the relevant issues.
    I do ask a lot a of questions or opinions in regards to making it the best it can be. So I need experienced mappers who can contribute with their take on things.

    And perhaps someone else, who knows their way around advanced scripting would also be beneficial to just help in the form of advice to finish what I've started with the script editor. Which oddly enough is the reason why I started this project to begin with and after all of this time, work and many unplanned inclusions, it's the only utility that is unfinished, in fact its barely even started.
    But with the script editor done I could at least call the project complete and release it.

    I would also like to include a server related utility. Something to automate the scripts required for map rotation and the like. Select the folder or map pack file and it lists the contents (which can be randomly shuffled or re-ordered by a drag and drop method) before it writes the maps to a text file in the correct map rotation format.
    I know next to nothing about operating a server so unless my current testers can step-up I will either need it all explained clearly or drop that idea all together.
    Again, I don't mean to sound callous.

    So far the Map Mate program already features:

    Compiler with error scanner, error database (including editor) and it's own compile console (alternative to DOS box) which prints the live output to a text box which can later be saved as a 3-in-1 log file, if required.
    It also notifies the user with audio and visual alerts if their map compile has successfully completed or if it has stopped due to errors.
    Automated Shader creator / editor. Select a texture's surface and it does the rest.
    Automated map directory structure. Create part of or your complete map directory structure within milliseconds. It also copies .map & .bsp files to their rightful location.
    Hash file number retriever. Also creates hash log files of multiple files in the correct format.
    Sky texture browser with automated sky shader creator. With over 30 categories to quick find required sky criteria. Also has built-in database editor.
    Automated map, textures and shader detection. Lists both missing or unused textures in the map, shader file and textures folder.
    A tailored Pk3 creator designed just for MOH. Also removes foreign files & folders from map directory. Features file back-up and restore.
    A toolbox storing shortcuts to 28 files of your choice. Editing tools, the game, it's expansions, etc.
    Database updaters made for the errors and skies data

    As you can see the script editor is missing from the list of an otherwise editing tool that does the lot, outside of Radiant.
    It's all as user friendly as possible, intelligent, time saving and automated wherever possible.
    There are helpful hints upon mouse-over of most options plus tips pages to every utility and a huge help file with screenshots in chm format that is almost complete.

    All of the settings are saved to the one configuration ini which all of the utilities operate from. Loading and saving all of the options set by the user from one utility to the other. Saving the user from browsing and re-selecting their map and settings over and over again.

    Everything has been zipped within it's own "Map Mate" folder so you should be able to just drag it from the zip file and drop it anywhere.
    Map Mate beta 6
    If you have any problems just let me know as it may require the setup package to install dependency files.

    Thank you for your time.
    Last edited by AccadaccA; 03-07-2017 at 10:43 PM.

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    Sounds interesting, downloading now and will check it out

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    Nice bro well done.
    I'm down to help you as a consultant in programming related issues. Feel free to spam me
    Last edited by RyBack; 03-18-2017 at 02:23 AM.

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    therippa: Thanks man, the guys mentioned your name a while back as a possible candidate to beta test the crap out of it. lol
    But since then I forgot the name and that was something like a thousand messages ago which would have taken me forever to back-track.

    RyBack: Wow what a cool offer. Thanks, I appreciate it. It's all in vb6. I'm self-taught so I'm unfamiliar with most of the jargon.

    Please let us know if it runs into problems, guys. I'm hoping to get away without the install setup.

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    i keep getting errors when trying to install, anyone else?

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