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    MOD - 15 'Map Mods' added!

    Added a bunch of Map Mods. Most are for SH or BT, although they might just as easily work for AA (or at least for the original AA maps that are modded). Some Map Mods are complete packages of modded maps, and some are map mods that you have to add to maps yourself (e.g. Fireworks mod).

    Title: Battle Area
    Creator: MPVLTR
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/content/battle-area
    Game: SH
    Short Description: Bunch of modded maps (both AA & SH maps).

    Title: Stalingrad Spotlight Killers
    Creator: Tubarão Branco
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...tlight-killers
    Game: AA
    Short Description: Adds working spotlights to Stalingrad, that kills players when you shine on them.

    Title: 4th of July Fireworks Mod
    Creator: GiffE
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...-fireworks-mod
    Game: AA
    Short Description: Add fireworks to your map.

    Title: Malta Unlocked V3.0
    Creator: -|WoD|-Carbon
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...a-unlocked-v30
    Game: SH
    Short Description: Malta map is modded.

    Title: FLOT's Berlin Mod V1.1
    Creator: FLOT
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...berlin-mod-v11
    Game: SH
    Short Description: Berlin map is modded.

    Title: Multiplayer Map Addons V2.0
    Creator: Brandon R.
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...map-addons-v20
    Game: BT
    Short Description: All maps have added mods (including original mohaa maps).

    Title: Palermo Map Addons V3.0
    Creator: cart00nman™
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...map-addons-v30
    Game: BT
    Short Description: Palermo map is modded.

    Title: Palermo Perfect Mod
    Creator: cart00nman™
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...mo-perfect-mod
    Game: BT
    Short Description: Palermo map is modded.

    Title: Krunch's Map Mods
    Creator: Krunch
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...unchs-map-mods
    Game: SH
    Short Description: Several maps have been modded (including original mohaa ones).

    Title: Omjective V1.0
    Creator: England4eva
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c.../omjective-v10
    Game: AA
    Short Description: Omaha map is modded.

    Title: Remagen Snow Bling V1.3
    Creator: GABIRUGT
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...snow-blind-v13
    Game: AA
    Short Description: Remagen map is modded.

    Title: MPSH Modside Map Pack
    Creator: Cleaner
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...dside-map-pack
    Game: SH
    Short Description: Some original AA maps have been modded.

    Title: Stalingrad Map Mods
    Creator: Tubarão Branco
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...d-map-mods-v12
    Game: AA
    Short Description: Stalingrad map is modded.

    Title: War Zone Mod V1.2
    Creator: McCM
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...r-zone-mod-v12
    Game: SH
    Short Description: Several maps have been modded (including original mohaa ones).

    Title: Teleporter Map Mod
    Creator: damn79
    Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...porter-map-mod
    Game: SH
    Short Description: This mod adds teleporters to all maps (incl. original mohaa ones).

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