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    The games I tried are good,

    May be difficult to get results from this, BUT worth a try.

    Here is some statistics for you to look at...........

    I have been looking through the up to date or modern fps war games this past 2 weeks and tried a few of them, and got my ass kicked frequently.
    Here is what we are up against, results from 25th nov 2016 aprox 7pm gmt, for the games I tried, and as you can see we are lagging behind.

    MOHAA/SH all servers.........total 289 players
    Americas Army.............................872 players
    MOH Warfighter............................534 players
    COD Black Ops............................786 players
    Battlefield 2 Bad Company...........373 players

    These games are older now too, so how many people are playing the most recent games?

    As for the cheats part, yes ALL of these games have cheaters playing them, so its not just mohaa/sh.

    There are also a lot of excellent players and numerous kids playing these games that have 'built in' teamspeaks so you can chat live to anyone on the servers, they call out tactics of where to go on the map, where the enemy is, what routes to take and you know they dont cheat, yet I still get my ass kicked....lol

    The games I tried are good, nice graphics etc but still mohaa with its simplicity is better.

    A relaunch of mohaa would be good, but to bring back old players and attract new ones then I would suggest a FULL GAME download would be required and made available and FREE to everyone which has to include PAKRADAR for the upload of custom maps and the original game PAK files to be upgraded with HD maps,better graphics, bigger skin choice, modded weapons etc etc etc

    Basically ONE download incorporates all...........no need for adding pk3 mods

    I dont know how the copyright or licence would come into play but realisitcally I suppose we all break that anyway when we mod maps or make pk3s....however there are plenty of modders out there with the ability to pull this off and advertising and hosting shouldnt be a problem, just think what you could see on google....

    Medal of Honour: ALLIED ASSAULT 2017..............or ..............Medal of Honour: RE-IINVENTED...........or whatever..........

    I may be talking through the top of my head and appologise if so, but its my tuppence worth.

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    That sounds like a plan.
    I have recently seen this suggested on several forums shown as Google results when I've searched for MOH editing queries. Some were pretty out-dated though.
    Unfortunately none seem to follow up on the idea due to lack of support by the so-called community. For example I asked a simple question on the Xnull forums "What's your screen resolution" as I'm making new editing tools however only 4 people replied out of the 90+ who viewed the thread.

    The "MOH Revival" download can contribute greatly to what you've suggested being the free, full game with both expansion packs and it's "Widescreen & Custom Resolution Utility" is pretty kick-ass. Which helps with today's resolutions, kind of making it a new game.
    I'm unsure if upgraded texture packs were included in it but all of the textures look a lot better and much clearer. Just from my short experience with it whilst mapping I've notice a significant increase in frame rates using both FRAPS and the MOH built-in frame counter, compared to the retail installment of the game.

    Perhaps you can ask those who run servers for their map rotation list(s) then, from those, create the list of inclusions from the most popular maps of all servers. They would have already weeded out the lesser liked or buggy maps.
    The same goes for skins, weapons, etc.
    I've been out of the loop for too many years now to be of much help in that regard. But I'm willing to help in any other way I can.
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    New edit tools?
    I can't wait to see them!
    I want to ask what, but I won't lol.

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    I strongly agree

    It is something that often gets mentioned but never gets actioned due to the time and support it requires.

    I myself left the game for around 10 years and thought I would never return. I was bored just over a year ago and I randomly googled mohaa. I was amazed to see that there were still plenty of servers online with around 300 online players at peek. I soon got talking to Linda who got me back on the servers and I haven't looked back since. I often think about all them old players out there like me who thought the game was dead and a thing of the passed, little do they know what I happened to find while randomly browsing the net.

    It would be great to make those like me realize that this game can and is a very active game for its time and the Reborn download is definitely something of a winner as far as I am concerned, This also adds to the simplicity of the game, easy to set up and get going, this and the social multiplayer aspect is what has kept this game going even today.

    Myself and my wife have recently had a baby so I do not get as much time at the computer as I use to but this taken into account I am also happy to help out where ever I can. You will usually find me on MAW teamspeak server with Linda putting the world to rights.......

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    Call Of Duty World of War is quite good and it has a lot of the custom maps from MOH remade at high graphics and you can set the weapons the same way through existing mods

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