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    MAP - The Dungeon

    A new map recently released!

    Name: The Dungeon
    Creator: AccadaccA
    Gametype: DM (FFA/TDM)
    Link (Download): http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/content/dungeon

    Set in a small castle at night, the map has a dungeon complete with several prison cells and shackles chained to the ceiling rafters. The long chains rattle as you climb up or down them. There's also a medieval rack as well as a couple of non-functioning items used for torture. Part of the dungeon is knee-deep in filthy sludge water (perhaps sewerage) with a sound effect of water constantly dripping just to add to the torture. lol :P
    Some cells have escape routes which lead into the tunnel system. Although the openings are exposed the lighting and textures help them blend-in, so check the corners of the cell walls carefully.
    The cell doors have an eerie creaking sound which is unique to this map and different to the other creaking sounds used for other doors throughout the castle. The custom sounds only work in Allied Assault and not the expansion packs for some reason.
    Several different sound files were introduced to the game and used just for the theme of this map.

    There are horse stables, a hay shed and corrals plus a destroyed stable-hand's house and a small vineyard.
    Horses played a huge part in the war and I am yet to find another MOH map that pays tribute to them.

    The custom sound effects and some textures are unique to this map.
    More info (and screenshots!) available on the database link, shown above.

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    The download does not work if the file format is in .pk3 format and you are using Google Chrome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soares93 View Post
    The download does not work if the file format is in .pk3 format and you are using Google Chrome.
    Right click -> Save as, that works on Chrome
    I don't know if there is another fix for this?

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    *Update 20-03-2017*:
    New (Final) Version uploaded! (Old version removed, so everyone would have to re-download the file and remove the old version).

    Several bugs have been fixed and small changes applied.

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