For everyone who is uploading new files (or an entire package of files) to the database, you can post a thread about them here if you want.
This is for all different kinds of uploads, for each database (maps, mods, skins, prefabs, guides, tools, tutorials etc.!).

You can add general information, description, link to the file in the database etc. and ofc. ask people for feedback if wanted.
You could add screenshots, but if you've already uploaded those in a blog and/or the database, you can just post a link to those.
Eventually (after a few weeks perhaps), the new files will be moved to their respective sub-forum (e.g. a new Map will be moved to the Map Database sub-forum in a few weeks).
But EVERY NEW FILE will/should be placed here first!!

Please when making a new thread here about a new file, make sure to start with the type of file, examples of thread titles:
MAP - The Dungeon
SKIN - Waffen SS Soldier
MOD - Drivable Tanks
TUTORIAL - How to create a custom scope
GUIDE - CK Autokick Manual
PREFAB - Stone Staircase
TOOL - Pakscape
PATCH - MOHAA 1.11 NL Patch

etc. etc.

(An example post:

Make sure you place the URL to the file in the thread so people can download/view it (and maybe a link to the blog if you made one).

Also IF you are not the Creator/Author of the uploaded file(s), please also include the name of the actual Creator/Author.
If the name is unknown, point out that you did not create it yourself and that the Creator/Author is unknown.