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Major_A's Project Raptor 46 Crosshair Chooser

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Major_A's Project Raptor 46 Crosshair Chooser

Submitted by Major_A on Mon, 11/09/2015 - 23:02

On the fly in game crosshair changer.
I picked out an assortment of the neatest crosshairs I could find plus 2 dot hairs I made, and packed them nicely for your convenience. Feel free to add your own if you have some particular ones that aren't in there.
If your waiting in between spawns and get bored, mod also comes with instructions on making a balloon animal
goes in mainta for Spearhead
Only works properly in Spearhead.
In Allied Assault menu comes up but doesn't change crosshair.Feel free to fix it and post an AA version.
Find it Here:

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