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Thoughts, Rants & Insanity

Quick Server Connect Menu Mod

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Some people have them, some don't. Sometimes the simple stuff is fun to play with.
This makes a pretty decent template if you want to make your own.
I also use it with things like test screens, so the dmscoreboard is renamed
so it looks normal for you.

This one has a menu here

The next menu screen has varying servers and button styles you can connect with

Play around with it if you like. If you have a neat one to share that does some neat things,
feel free to share.

The download also contains the psd files in the menu mod.


To create an alpha layer in a tga file if using photoshop.

-Duplicate your image layer.
-select paint bucket on white and put Tolerance on 255
-Paint your image white
-switch to black and do the transparent background with paint bucket
-you should have a black and white image. The white will show, the black will be hidden,
Copy this layer.
-Switch to Channels so you can see RGB Channels
-At bottom click save selection as layer and enable it
-Paste the copy on the alpha channel layer
-When you switch back to layers menu, the area in black should be red.
-When you save as tga, save as 32bit


Updated 01-20-2020 at 05:30 AM by Major_A

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