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Medal of Honor: Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod

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Hey guys, how are you doing? I will continue to post stuff from the mod on the new site.

For those who don't know, this mod as it says in the title, is suposed to recreate the game RTCW.
I really liked the crossover idea of two of of the most famous games with the quake3 engine, where Lt. Powel or Jimmy Patterson are in a mission that goes wrong, are later captured and held in 'THE' infamous Castle Wolfenstein where they must escape.
The singleplayer campaign would recreate some of the levels of RTCW in which Powel/Patterson would batle the SS Paranormal and come face to face with 'DeathsHead' and Heinrich Himmler.

Currently the mod's progress is:
Almost complete RTCW weapons pack (silenced Sten included);
Almost complete RTCW player skins from both the singleplayer and multiplayer;
RTCW blood mod and sound effects.

Name:  nightvision_scope_test.jpg
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Size:  44.7 KBName:  rtcw_deathshead.jpg
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Size:  22.5 KBName:  rtcw_bg_skin.jpg
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  1. Soares93's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Major_A
    WOW! Did you get the front of the gun to rotate as well, or is the muzzle flash just doing eye tricks?
    Yes the barrels are really rotating when you fire, but the position of the gun makes it hard to see, you would have to be leaning and shooting to see it better.
  2. PacRac's Avatar
    WOW Soares. Damn good job You are nailing it.
    Soon there won't be the need of MOHUE. Your modding is bringing a more interative and fresh/recent look into mohaa.

    Continua o bom trabalho Amigalhaço...
  3. Soares93's Avatar
    Testing the Panzerfaust from Wolfenstein in MOHAA’s D-Day mission.
    Even the projectile and original rocket flares were converted.

  4. Soares93's Avatar
    More RTCW models converted to MOHAA:

    Wolfenstein Enemy Territory converted M1 Garand with the same gloss mod.


    RTCW Kar98 remake, this model uses only the ironsights and scope models from the original game because for some reason the Wolfenstein model of the Kar98 refuses to be converted, sometimes even crashing LightRay 3D when attempting to convert it.
    Plus RTCW weapon models are only half done, the visible part of the gun in the FPS view is the only part that contains surfaces and textures.


    RTCW colt45 converted.


    Converted RTCW ammo power ups models, currently they are all set to 'medium' amount of ammo for each type.

  5. Soares93's Avatar
    RTCW soldier model successfully converted, its not perfect though.

  6. 1337Smithy's Avatar
    Nice one, Soares! Looking good
  7. Soares93's Avatar
    RTCW mod tested in multiplayer, this was filmed in a server that is not running the mod so some bugs are visible like some textures on models disapearing.

  8. Major_A's Avatar
    That is really amazing to see your guns running in multiplayer like that, Nice job!

    Can't wait till you have a package release.
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