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Team Fortress 2 & Day of Defeat:Source Map Conversion

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Although this works on Day of defeat:Source bsp's, this is more of something encountered in the TF2 maps.



Find a TF2 Map .bsp file and use BSPSource to convert .bsp to a .vmf file.

Open Jackhammer, load the .vfm file, then goto File the export to map, that's your .map file

Now, it took several tries to figure out wtf was going on in the map that kept makeing the visdatasize go berzerk past the limit
of 2091952 NumVisBytes, (2.091952 MB) - It was hitting in the 4MB range and crashing vis compile.

In the map I chose TF2 Medieval_Siege, almost all brushes had func_detail attribute on them, don't change that!!!
The first one you do you'll a drastic increase in visdata.

func_detail are the dark green lines, a normal detail brush in mohradiant is
bright green

Stupid photobucket...I'll fix the pic links as soon as I can.

Now the problem with this is in the radiant originally used to make the map, func_detail is supposed to be solid,
however in mohradiant it is not and took me several days to figure out the answer.

In mohradiant select a func_detail brush, the goto -select at the top and click -select entities of type, then wait it can take a second or two.

Once they are all selected, open Entity window with N if it's not already open, and enter a key value of (solid) and value of (1)
neither entries have the () around them.

Now all the func_detail brushes are solid.
I started texturing the map and forgot to check the visdata after compile.
I tested real quick to double check and sure enough compiled and vis stayed at 147976

As of now I'm almost done with the map, and at last compile, visdata is 163,160 nowhere near max of 2,091,952

Well, that's what to do if you run across func_detail in a ported map

TF2 Medieval_Siege Coming Soon!

Updated 09-19-2017 at 06:02 AM by Major_A

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