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Free Photobucket Image/Video Storage upgrade

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For over 10 years I've had a photobucket.com account.

For those that don't know, photobucket will generate the code so you can post images
in forums, or anywhere else really, with copy and paste code.

I've been helping another guy with online storage and showed him dropbox...he loves it.
But then he kind of had a snag when it came to images.

For over 10 years, as of today my photobucket account was at
26% usage with the free signup of 2GB of space. That translates to HOLY SHEEP MAN! that's it? in over ten years?

Looking at the photobucket page closely, it said install google app and get free space.
It was on the plans page I think, at the bottom.

While I was logged into Photobucket, clicked the googleplay link and installed photobucket
to my android device from the computer, got done with sign into photobucket from device.

Refreshed my photobucket page on computer, hovered my mouse over my login/out icon

click on plans next to sign in and...
I now have from previous 2GB of storage, a whopping 10GB of space!....WOOL BUDDY!

You get 10GB of monthly bandwidth.

Photobucket will also store video.

BTW If you need some file storage space please sign up with Dropbox through this link https://db.tt/HhfS7KO2
It will give us both 500MB of free extra space!

Your welcome

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  1. heatsinkbod's Avatar
    Cool !!! and merry Christmas !! cheers for sharing
  2. Major_A's Avatar
    As of a week or two ago since this post giving photbucket recognition for their nice work in free photo storage, they have since decided it was time to hold AALLLLL those years of links to the photo's I've posted hostage... "Photo-Hostaging"<--my term... Digital link terrorism at it's best, legally.

    They have decided, that if you want to keep sharing said links, you need to pay now.

    So, not being able to find another photo sharing site, that is easy to use or has the settings I prefer, I've only found so far having to use my free website hosting.
    Which is fine right now since I've fixed my signature, but it is a pain in the ass because the links aren't made for you but still works.

    You can also still access and download your images and store them there till your storage is full...for now.

    Zohosites has unlimited storage, for now, but no files over 35mb, so no large mappack storage, but it is a free website design place, not singled out image storing.

    In closing, I'd like to say it took a awhile to burn off my being REALLY pissed at photobucket "...and yes, I don't capitalize places that screw me" about this, I've relaxed a little bit and toned down my attitude towards them so I'll just say this...
    "Since the word multi-tasking is so prevalent today, I believe Photbucket can suck BOTH, my right, aaannd my left testicles proficiently!"

    No offense to persons with only one testicle or women lol

    Updated 07-16-2017 at 06:57 AM by Major_A