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Video GPU restart, without rebooting.

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Ok, I had enough.
Time to find a solution to restarting the video card WITHOUT rebooting the computer.

When a game server crashes, mod testing and crashes game, map crashes whatever, whenever the game
crashes, windows desktop color/brightnes gets wacked and is all sorts of horrible so you have to restart the computer to fix it.

Well that takes too long, and is a colossal pain in the ass so here is an option to automatically restart the GPU only and not the whole rig.

I'm sure there are other ways, but this is just what I worked out after some reading.

Go here Nirsoft and download DevManView.
The download is located almost at the bottom under feedback.
32x & 64x versions are there.

Unzip and put devmanview.exe in windows/system32 folder.

run it, and find under the device type column look for Display.

Right click and goto properties.

Highlight your device in the Device name right click and copy -ie NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

open notepad and copy & paste this into it

@echo off
echo *** Restarting GPU ***
timeout /t 2 /nobreak >nul
devmanview.exe /disable_enable "NVIDIA GeForce GT 730" 
echo -=Woohoo!=- stupid windows rrrrrrrrr
timeout /t 2 /nobreak >nul
taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
Replace NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 with your cards device name, and save it as video_restart.bat on your desktop.

You can test run it now if you wish, it will make screen go black and look just like typing vid_restart in your game console.

Now next time game crashes and windows screen goes wonky, fix it without rebooting.

... and the crowd rejoiced "yaaaaay"

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  1. DoubleKill's Avatar
    I do another trick, i just log off the windows account and come back again
  2. Major_A's Avatar
    Hey that sounds like a good trick as well, definitely worth knowing.
    I wish I had my login memorized lol
  3. heatsinkbod's Avatar
    hey great tips guys cheers