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9 years later.

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Hello all,
I'm Alex.
Also known as: DeadByLead or Zilvarael.
I played with OTD back when I first started getting into PC Gaming.
Arguably my first real online gaming experience was with OTD and Medal of Honor.
Sure I had played online MMO'S but nothing really stacked up to being able to voice chat with the people you were playing with through team speak. It really solidifies the community aspect of the game is realizing there are infact real people playing that you can joke with and have fun with. A little while back I started up my own gaming community we play just about anything I intend to get my people playing with the ICCC because sharing is caring and taking my crew back to before MMOFPS's were a thing is something a little special.
Almost as if being frozen in time this little sliver of my past I can share with my current people and I hope they all find it just as enjoyable.

Part of the kick of my group though is I and some of my other members do youtube videos. Last night I finally figured out how to get OBS to record MOHAAS for the redsbox ICCC night. Check it out I plan on doing more if you want to see more drop a line in the comments of this post or on the channel. With this being said feel free to subscribe but my content is not always safe for work. Check it out!
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  1. heatsinkbod's Avatar
    Hi Alex ' great to see you here - welcome !!
  2. Major_A's Avatar
    You should be able to post video in your posts as well as the youtube link.

    Can't wait to see more Moh game vids!