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AAAA Latest news and updates

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Hi all well been a very busy couple of months here !! so thought a quick update for you all on whats been going on

First off welcome to the new site!! hope you all like it ? See Poll

FYI Existing members from the old site MOHcentral and MOHAAAA.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA will need to register sorry

This new forum
- well we have a project thread over at x-null and we decided that the Drupal forum sucks - so we ended up going with Vbulletin as it ticked all the box's for our requirement. We did look at porting in the users from the old AAAA site but as their were thousands and so many inactive accounts we opted for clean start. Special thanks to James for putting so much time into this rebuild !! and many thanks to MajorA for all his effort getting the graphics sorted and starting manual import of some of the good data we wanted to keep. Rest assured the old site will remain active for the legacy and old info on the forum links added on top menu here.

Some of the new features on the forum here - :

Blogs - any user can start his own blog - click on blogs top menu and get creating - old blogs are available here http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c.../aaaa-bloggers - so if you have a blog you can copy over your old posts.
Event Calendar system - From the main forum page just click on Calendar where you can create event such as clan meeting and wars and so on. These events on then displayed bottom right of my forum page
Arcade games - work in progress to get this installed
Articles - Here you can create pages, can be news or MOH info - click on top menu "Articles" and fire away - articles are not published automatically so PM me if your Article is not published

Database - Well after much work from James our server was fully upgraded to the latest Apache, Mysql and PHP but as a result this broke the existing Database - I have now fixed this so the existing DB is back online and has now been added to the menus here.
NEW Database Own3mall is working hard to migrate the old Drupal 6 Database to Drupal 7 - Drupal 8 is just to new and not ready yet. we have a couple of test builds where we are attempting to migrate to - at present we are hitting some issue but have made great progress but its being a bit of bitch will keep you updated on our progress.

New Community forum - Clans and players now have new sections on the forum where they can promote their servers and so on.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped with this massive reboot to ensure AAAA keeps shootin for many years to come and thanks to all the clans and community for your continued support in this community !!!
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