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Welcome to the all NEW AAAA BLOG section

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Hi All Welcome to the all NEW AAAA BLOG section

Here the community can create their own blogs about all and anything...........

Clans - members can create blogs about their clan and servers and websites
Community - anyone can create blogs to promote info or events or about any news for MOH
MODDERS - can create blogs to promote their work and share their achievements
MAPPERS - can create blogs to promote their new maps and share achievements
Members can create general info hobbies and interest blogs.............
So we allow just about anything with the following EXCEPTIONS !!!

WE don't do POLITICS
WE don't do RELIGION
WE don't do PORN - but you can PM links lol
WE don't do Illegal content so we dont do hacks / cheats or any third party content thats been hijacked and robbed
WE don't offend
We dont except bad language as kids use this site we are family friendly

Section 2.59.222 alpha 4 rule.....ANYONE who has kicked my arse in MOHAA in Game is not allowed on this site as that has greatly upset my well being
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  1. heatsinkbod's Avatar
    Legacy blogs can be found here -: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c.../aaaa-bloggers if you are the BLOG owner please copy your content over