• About AAAA

    Welcome to the AAAA, the following is a brief description of what we are all about.

    About us......
    We are community of clans, players and enthusiasts, of a world war two first person shooter game MOHAA

    medal of honor allied assault since 2002.

    Recently we are expanding to become a World War II PC FPS community adding games such as MOHUE (Not yet released) and Days of War - At present no COD but with members help this will come to

    Here you find players and clans of the game and if not the largest one of the largest collections of resources for the game held on our easy to search database which includes Maps, Mods, Skins, Guides and tutorials that will help you get more involved with the game from setting a server up to modding and creating new maps and enhancing the game. Check out Downloads

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    If you have never heard of MOHAA please check out more info here -:

    Wiki MOHAA Info

    It's all about the MOHAA community, getting the players and clans that remain, back together and building the MOHAA community again, bringing in new and old clans and players...............Our community is bult on players, developers and clans and many other MOHAA / MOHSH related sites which can be found here -:

    MOHAA Sites

    MOHAA Leagues

    MOHSH Spearhead Lounge

    In the community of clans we also have admins who watch over the servers for many hours keeping the cheats away and making it fair for everyone.

    The clans all have very different types of serves giving everyone a chance to play different gametypes with different settings from default stock servers, freezetag, objective, team death match, free-for-all, ranking, slow running, fast running, high jump, modded weapons, un modded weapons etc etc.

    The AAAA also run our community servers for competative or freindly matches between clans or groups of players.

    A List of active clans can be found here -:

    MOHAA and MOHSH Clans

    If you are in a clan for MOHAA or MOHSH please feel free to add your clan the links are the above link.

    We Also run our own highspec server hosting for JUST MOHAA and MOHSH - This is a non profit setup so we are able to offer these high performance servers at cheap prices.

    We rent two hardware servers with 1GB network links where all our community servers are run from.If you are interested in hosting please check here -:

    MOHAA / MOHSH AAAA Hosting

    AAAA have a MAP and MOD Database - the map database is probable one of the most comprehensive you will find and we are still inputting on the mod database.


    We have a blog setup also but its not all MOHAA and MOHSH members also share their interests of when then not busy killing each other

    AAAA Blogs

    Also check out the AAAA Forum here -:

    AAAA Forum

    AAAA is noprofit so help us keep going and Donate

    Visit us on our Public MOHAA Teampeak


    Join us today and be part of a community of online MOHAA / MOSH gaming enthusiasts.

    Also check out the following Sites for active MOHAA Projects
    What Is The Reborn Patch.....

    The Reborn patch for MOHAA fix's a number of bugs in the game, but the biggest feature is

    it STOPs players from cheating. Here is a small summary of features taken from their website.

    Anti wall hack
    Anti NoRecoil
    lod_spawn crash fix
    Dog, wuss, noclip, tele, give, fullheal, health, giveweapon - bad command fix
    Say command crash fix
    Remote crash fix (BufferOverflow/mohaabof & new one - infoboom) [RC1]
    Mohaa fill flood/crash fix
    Granade crash fix [RC1]
    Ladder crash fix [RC1]
    Swap team crash fix [RC1]
    MG42 crouch fix [RC1]
    Landsharking fix [RC1]
    You can find out more on their website http://www.x-null.net