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Blog Comments

  1. AccadaccA's Avatar
    lol That's awesome mate.
    I ain't ever hopping on a server with you. lol ... unless we're on the same team.
  2. Major_A's Avatar
    Exploding arrow test HAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. AccadaccA's Avatar
    Yeah, that map is a little dark. But thanks to Smithy I have been working on lighting effects and shadows. I think that over-all its turned out a bit brighter in my latest version.

    I'll need to get some crossbow practice in. Its such a deadly weapon both in looks and fire power.
    To be honest I can't see how you could have possibly improved it.
  4. Major_A's Avatar
    If your referring to the still picture, I had to turn the brightness up in image editor as moh takes crummy screenshots.
  5. AccadaccA's Avatar
    Dang that's a good looking map. But what have you done to the lighting?
  6. Major_A's Avatar
    The above Crossbow & Uzi Weapons section has been edited with update files & information for you to play with.
  7. AccadaccA's Avatar
    Cheers mate.
  8. Major_A's Avatar
    In my boom crates, to add kill credit, the only lines added for it was

    local.killer = parm.other
    for(local.person = 1; local.person <= $player.size;local.person++)
           if(vector_within local.trigger.origin $player[local.person].origin 250)
              {$player[local.person] damage local.killer 200 local.killer (0 0 0) (0 0 0) (0 0 0) 0 1 9 -1}
    Updated 09-22-2017 at 03:42 AM by Major_A
  9. AccadaccA's Avatar
    Okay, say I want to make "func_crate" objects my targets and have each one that gets destroyed add to the player's score.
    Do I apply the Rick Hard "Trapshooting" script method or something else?
  10. Major_A's Avatar
    Since I mentioned Ric Hards mod I added it.
    Also wanted to see if that many more lines of code would fit in a post lol

    Found part of the targets I was working on too haha
    Updated 09-20-2017 at 12:11 AM by Major_A
  11. Major_A's Avatar
    I did make some player skin targets one time to shoot at, but lost them someplace, probly in a crash onetime
    I had them in the river on the bridge map down range from Ric Hards Clay shooting range. A cool mod in its self. You should look that up too.

    I'll have to do this type of post in parts as after the first mod, I was immediately flagged by a character posting cap, but I fixed that due to the nature of the post
    so any large amount of characters in a mod post shouldn't be an issue anymore.

    I have since updated this post.
    Hope you like the additions
  12. AccadaccA's Avatar
    Wow. I'm reading a blog for the very first time and its something I was recently pondering, if at all possible.
    I even mentioned it in an email to Shadow about a week or so ago.
    Have targets pop-up in a map, similar to ply wood cut-outs used by police training and the like (perhaps only in M.I.B. II lol), but have them add to your score when shot.
  13. Major_A's Avatar
    As of a week or two ago since this post giving photbucket recognition for their nice work in free photo storage, they have since decided it was time to hold AALLLLL those years of links to the photo's I've posted hostage... "Photo-Hostaging"<--my term... Digital link terrorism at it's best, legally.

    They have decided, that if you want to keep sharing said links, you need to pay now.

    So, not being able to find another photo sharing site, that is easy to use or has the settings I prefer, I've only found so far having to use my free website hosting.
    Which is fine right now since I've fixed my signature, but it is a pain in the ass because the links aren't made for you but still works.

    You can also still access and download your images and store them there till your storage is full...for now.

    Zohosites has unlimited storage, for now, but no files over 35mb, so no large mappack storage, but it is a free website design place, not singled out image storing.

    In closing, I'd like to say it took a awhile to burn off my being REALLY pissed at photobucket "...and yes, I don't capitalize places that screw me" about this, I've relaxed a little bit and toned down my attitude towards them so I'll just say this...
    "Since the word multi-tasking is so prevalent today, I believe Photbucket can suck BOTH, my right, aaannd my left testicles proficiently!"

    No offense to persons with only one testicle or women lol

    Updated 07-16-2017 at 06:57 AM by Major_A
  14. Major_A's Avatar
    Stupid TS update today erased it?!
    I had to download and put back in.
  15. heatsinkbod's Avatar
    Cool !!! and merry Christmas !! cheers for sharing
  16. heatsinkbod's Avatar
    hey great tips guys cheers
  17. Major_A's Avatar
    Hey that sounds like a good trick as well, definitely worth knowing.
    I wish I had my login memorized lol
  18. DoubleKill's Avatar
    I do another trick, i just log off the windows account and come back again